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Caring for your body is essential. If you are in pain, that is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong. Seeking treatment for injuries or looking for neck pain reliefis the smart choice to make. When your body is in pain, a myriad of other problems may follow, including headaches, chronic pain, recurring pain, decreased mobility, and even incapacitation. At Tanaka Chiropractic Office of Honolulu , HI , we have over 32 years of chiropractic experience, so we know our procedures can help you get better.

Pain relief

If you are in need of back or neck pain relief, or are suffering from fibromyalgia, headaches, leg and arm pain, or muscle spasms, Honolulu's Tanaka Chiropractic Office provides ongoing treatment and care that can help.

We offer patients personalized service and lifestyle advice to prevent the worsening of conditions, including exercises that help with mobility and strength. Let us help you feel better.
neck pain relief and injury treatment in Honolulu, HI
Woman is doing exercises for neck pain relief in Honolulu, HI

Injury treatment

Injuries can result in ongoing pain. We treat patients who have been in car accidents, as well as people suffering from sports injuries, herniated discs, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Sometimes just a funny night's sleep can can make you search for back or neck pain relief. Whatever the source of your injury, it's always best to seek treatment at the earliest possible opportunity.

We are committed to putting you on a faster road to recovery. 

Why choose us?

Chiropractic treatment focuses on neuromusculoskeletal and general health issues, and can benefit many patients. 

Our Honolulu-based chiropractic specialists provide expert treatment that requires no surgery or drugs. Contact Tanaka Chiropractic Office today to see how our treatments can make a difference in your quality of life. We're the right choice for your body and your health!
Chiropractor works with a patient for neck pain relief in Honolulu, HI
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